October 6, 2022
Custom Soap Boxes

Soap is not only a skincare product but also more than that. The kitchen needs soap. The human body needs soap. Industrial machinery needs soap. The Main types of soap are further classified into different categories. However, the purpose of all types of soap remains the same – cleanliness & freshness. Packaging is an essential aspect of all categories of soap. Although many kinds of packaging are available on the market, Custom Soap Boxes have always been the best choice of all.

Before we jump to the high-quality packaging of the soap, it is imperative to mention the types and categories of the soap!

Four Main Types of Soap

  1. Bathing Bar or Glycerin Soaps

Bathing bar has higher moisturizing and cleansing agents. People use it on daily basis for keeping their skin fresh and clean. Its higher moisturizing and cleansing ability differentiate it from other types of soaps. For example, Dial, Irish, and Dove are commonly used bath bars in the US. The high-quality packaging is empirical for these types of soaps. Therefore, the best way to package them is to use Luxury Soap Packaging Boxes.

  1. Toilet Soaps

These soaps contain relatively less amount of fatty materials as compared to the bars. These soaps are further categorized into many categories depending on their uses. Chemically, it is the total-fatty-material (TFM) that differentiates them for different usages. 

  • Laundry Soap

Laundry soap helps to clean laundry or clothes. Chemically, laundry soap contains goat fat and ash. Different types of Soap Boxes can keep them safe and sound in the laundry. 

  • Beauty Soap

Everyone uses beauty soap to keep the face fresh. Many other types of beauty soap keep the whole body fresh and clean. Luxury Soap Packaging Boxes are the finest choice of many industries to secure and promote beauty soaps. 

  • Dish Soap

Kitchen is the home of dish soap. As obvious from the name, these soaps clean all types of kitchen vessels. It is easy to package them because everyone can order from Soap Boxes Wholesale.

  • Medicated Soap

As apparent from the name, medicated soaps are useful for medical usage. These are antibacterial and antifungal soaps that are used before the treatment and after the treatment of patients. A special kind of packaging is necessary for these soaps. Important instructions and guidelines are necessary to mention on these Custom Soap Boxes.

  1. Non-toilet Soaps

Non-toilet soaps have nothing to do with human skin. They are used to clean grease and stains from different machinery and materials. Chemically, the least amount of fatty acids makes it non-toilet soap.


There are many types and kinds of soap which are used in our daily life. Some soaps are useful for bathing. Some are useful at the industrial level. All types of soap need good quality packaging to maintain the quality of these soaps. Soap Boxes Wholesale are the best selection for almost all types of soap.

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