September 27, 2022

Hi what’s up you SEO legends let’s talk about Airbnb. I’m sure we all know the name. We know the company but how much do we know about their SEO strategy let’s get into it.

Airbnb organic traffic overview:

The first thing I’m going to do is add the Airbnb URL to ahrefs and take a look at an overview of their traffic. So they’re getting around 14 million in monthly traffic that’s a lot a lot of keywords very high domain rating and url rating for that home page. Ahrefs rank of under 500 which is very impressive anyway.

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Exploring top subfolders:

If we go into the top subfolders we’re gonna get an overview of all the different sections of their website that gets the most traffic. Obviously we’re gonna see that the main route is getting 99 of the traffic but if we keep scrolling down we’re going to see a couple of sections. So rooms is getting around seven percent of the traffic we’re gonna go into that later all these different subfolders.

This one’s an interesting one as well we’re gonna cover in just a second the stays part. Then if we keep scrolling down we’re gonna start seeing a specific pattern of urls that are doing phenomenally well. We’re gonna start seeing the city slash stays url that’s basically telling us that they’re creating all these different pages for any relevant city region or town where they have airbnbs in so if we actually open up any of these.

Location based templates:

I’m going to open up Chicago. I’m going to open up Houston and Virginia Beach we’re going to see something quite interesting I want you guys to focus on the different sections of the page. How we’re going to see the same thing on all these other pages.  So we start off with a strong h1 a bunch of different headings that definitely add a lot of relevance different internal links takes you to apartments to houses guest houses amenities and then some popular houses in Chicago again.

Another relevant heading that definitely adds a good amount of relevance. Some more sections down here then we have nearby destinations unique stays and the breadcrumb cool.  If we go into the Houston url we’re gonna see that it’s basically the same structure of a page so what is this telling us. We’re just going to take a look at Virginia Beach very quickly it’s exactly the same. So just like canva just like zapier airbnb is also using templates to create that perfect on-page SEO but also it gives them that ability to create these pages at scale.

URLs + Internal links:

However there is a big problem when we create these templates so there are two main things that we need to watch out for the first one is urls make sure that there is some clear structure to the urls. They are legible and the second one is internal linking so it’s very easy once you start creating tens of thousands of these template pages to accidentally have a couple thousand orphan pages. And actually after doing some digging. I saw that Airbnb actually has over 120 000 of these location-based template landing pages but if we actually take a look at their urls their urls are actually very structured so for Chicago. We have Chicago dash il stays Houston as well very structured and very clear and Virginia beach as well.

And if we actually go back to ahrefs we’re going to see that all of these urls are extremely well done this not only helps users to know exactly which pages they’re on. It also helps search engines so in terms of urls they’re doing a phenomenal job and then in terms of internal linking.

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If we scroll all the way down there’s three things I want to talk about the first one is this breadcrumb. Which helps both users and search engines to exactly the order and the structure of the pages they’re all connected airbnb also has this section over here where they talk about nearby destinations.

And they have internal links to other areas that probably don’t have as much authority or don’t get as many clicks so there’s definitely internal linking on all of these and that’s also very well done. If you go to Virginia Beach.

For example we also see all these nearby destinations right here and then the final thing that I want to cover is this internal link section down. Here of unique stays on airbnb so this is actually a section that we can find on almost all of the pages down here as well for Houston and Virginia Beach as well.

Airbnb Stays template:

So this is actually a great leeway to talk about another separate subfolder. I’m just going to open up a few of these pages as well and I want to show you guys that there’s a separate template that airbnb is using for a totally separate type of keyword that they’re targeting. So not only are they targeting the location-based keyword.

But they’re also targeting all those different types of stays that you have access to when you use airbnb so they are talking about unique stay so we’re talking about cabin rentals. We have camper vans and lake houses so I know there’s a I know there’s a few of these and we’re going to go into this in just one second. However I want to show you guys this template it is a bit of a different template.

But at the end of the day this allows them some internal linking. Here as well this allows them to create these pages at scale so if they find a new type of state that they want to target. They can really easily whip one up and if we actually go into the subfolder hold on we can just check camper.

As well we’re gonna see it’s basically the same page and for lake houses it’s also identical. So if we actually take a look at the subfolder in terms of the traffic that it’s bringing we are going to see something quite interesting. So we’re going to look up that’s the prefix that we’re looking into I’m going to go into organic keywords. Here I want to add a little filter just to remove the airbnb keyword just to show you guys the strength of this subfolder.

We are gonna see that they’re ranking third for the word cabin they’re ranking first for the word tree houses monthly rentals near me. What else lake house their number one lake houses so they’re definitely doing very well for this section of their website as well.

Luxury Retreats Strategy:

And again it’s that other type of template that they’ve just applied to any and all relevant keywords a final thing that I want to show. You guys are a different subfolder that basically summarizes and is a perfect example of the SEO that airbnb is doing if we actually go onto airbnb’s website. And we type in luxury I actually found out about this.

When I was doing this analysis but they have this basically separate side of their website that’s exclusively focused on luxury retreats. If you type in a location it’ll it’s only going to show you those luxury destinations and stays it’s a perfect way to dissect airbnb’s SEO strategy on a very small scale for this specific section of their website. So we already know for a fact they’re going to have a bunch of different templates again internal linking is phenomenal.

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We’re looking at other popular destinations so these internal links are definitely very valuable. And we’re going to see when we get all the way down to the bottom all the different destinations that airbnb has for luxury retreats. And again if we click into any of these I’m gonna open up Bali and I’m also gonna do the Swiss alps just to show you guys exactly. What I’m talking about it’s gonna be that same style of template that is just targeting a different set of keywords. So now we’re looking at luxury rentals before we were looking at if we go back to Chicago.

We’re looking at vacation rental apartments so again we’re gonna see all of these different luxury rentals but it’s the same exact type of page and again some content at the bottom to add some relevance. And we’re gonna see the exact same for the Swiss alps so airbnb knows exactly what they’re doing. They’re doing a phenomenal job again that use of templates is something that we’re seeing a lot for big companies that are doing SEO extremely well. so it’s definitely something we need to think about. If you guys are interested in my complete guide on how to do cube research in ahrefs this blog will help you in learnings.

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