September 27, 2022
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Whether you are an intended surrogate or parents, you need to have a good relationship with each other till the delivery of and handing over the baby. A better relationship between both of you (intended parents and surrogate) will be beneficial for you. Here are some useful steps that you can apply for having a better bonding:

1. Decide your preferred type of relationship 

First, both of you need to decide how you do see this relationship during the entire phase, from having a contract to pregnancy and delivery of a child. As per your choice, you can name it a friendship, business partnership, or family relationship.   

Whatever you decide, it would be the base for the relationship between both of you. On this basis, you can easily make the requisite decisions and move forward even after the delivery of the baby. There could be a mismatch. And you can avoid it by making everything clear for both of you.   

2. Discuss everything that will come your way 

Both of you (intended surrogate and parents) have your expectations and desires. As intended parents, you have expectations such as a good surrogate, successful medical examinations, low surrogacy costs in India, and medical & care costs. And as an intended surrogate, you should make everything clear to your counterpart. Discussing everything and having a contract on the same will safeguard both of you if any bad thing takes place. 

3. Have trust in each other 

For a successful relationship, believing in one another is crucial. It is more obvious in the relationship between intended parents and surrogates. Usually, it is hard to have a higher level of trust in the beginning. Both of you need to trust each other. If you notice anything wrong, you can consult the one who made both of you meet each other. The staff or counselors at your fertility clinic or IVF center could be a negotiator or trust builders for both of you. 

4. Be flexible 

Usually, our life is unpredictable and busy. To live it to the fullest, you need to be ready for whatever comes your way. Similarly, you should be flexible with your expectations. Communication gaps can make an issue bigger. Having flexibility in you can save you from being frustrated or having uncertain feelings. Both of you need to comprehend the importance of communication and find ways to solve the issues when you are talking differently. Being flexible with every associated point can communicate well and keep moving for what you have met each other.  

5. Trust in empathy 

Empathy plays a pivotal role in making a relationship go well. In surrogacy, many things keep going on. Intended parents and a surrogate need to understand one another. You should comprehend well what impact will have on the person when you are stressed or frustrated. As an intended mother, you should comprehend the feelings of a surrogate during her pregnancy for you. Keep in mind both of you are for each other at this stage.  

6. Be honest 

In general, a pregnant female goes through several complicated emotions. It is also true about surrogate mothers. You need to be honest and open about your feelings. Being honest is crucial for you and the intended parents, especially the mother. It will help you build trust and make your relationship stronger. Both of you should address the concerns soon if you come across them. 

7. Update regularly 

Having regular updates is crucial for both of you if you are staying separately. As a surrogate, you should call, send messages, chat, or email regularly and explain what you notice with each passing day. And as the intended parents, you should talk to the surrogate daily to request for updates and know about care and medical support. Through it, you will remove communication gaps and make your bond stronger day by day.   

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8. Respect boundaries 

Whether you are the intended parents or surrogate, you have your own life. And you are busy in your life due to personal or professional reasons. Both of you comprehend each relationship has a boundary and you should go beyond that boundary. You should understand that the intended parent who hasn’t experienced pregnancy or maybe is nervous about her child with a stranger like you. Both of you should value life out of surrogacy.   

9. Let the time make your bond stronger 

A bond or good relationship with anyone doesn’t happen suddenly or in a day. It happens gradually and becomes stronger with each passing day. Several factors have their own roles in it. So, it is good for both of you to leave everything on time after discussing the associated points and agreeing on certain points. Try to resolve issues if they come in your way. In the end, both of you will have what you decided in the early days of your meeting.    


A good relationship is important for the intended parents and surrogate. Both of you should comprehend it and make efforts to strengthen it after deciding to move ahead in being a surrogate mother and the intended parents willing to have a child through surrogacy. You can talk to counselors to sort out the issues and build a relationship better.                

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