October 6, 2022
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Android has become the most popular operating system globally for smartphones and tablets in recent years. But many app developers still prefer to use iOS as a starting platform for their projects. The fact is that iPhone, and iPad owners are used to spending much more money on mobile applications than Android device owners. Therefore, not all developers bother to simultaneously develop versions for Android and iOS until there is no certainty that the application will be in demand.

What is the best way to create native apps for mobile devices? There are quite a few different development tools for this purpose, and together they provide almost complete creative freedom – for both amateurs and professionals. We advise you to pay attention to 10 tools designed for fast and convenient programming.

Some of them are designed for inexperienced developers: just a basic programming knowledge is enough to create a ready-made application for Android or iOS using flutter – albeit not too complicated. This is necessary for many companies that do not have their own highly qualified IT specialists but strive to be “like everyone else” and ensure interaction with their customers through their gadgets.


Appery.io is a cloud service for creating Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile applications. You do not have to download, install, or learn a programming language to work with it. The visual editor allows you to build a user interface by simply dragging and dropping the necessary components. The service offers a catalogue of ready-made plugins from which you can create the application’s desired functionality. Many famous mobile app design companies also use it for their applications.

In addition, you can create your plugins. Convenient opportunities for global collaboration are provided: you can share your plugins and projects with other users of the service worldwide, find out customer needs and discuss technological solutions. The developer can connect to any API and use the cloud database by associating it with his application. The database will be stored on the Web, on Appery.io servers.

You can create no more than three simple applications for free. Depending on the needs, Paid accounts will cost from $19 to $135 per month. The latter provides 15 million plugins and allows you to create up to 40 applications.


This service combines a desktop application for a personal computer and online tools. It allows you to quickly create a simple application with the most common functions from a ready-made set of elements. Android and iOS platforms are supported.”My self-employed”

TheAppBuilder provides the developer with several valuable business-oriented features. First, you can protect public and private applications with passwords. Secondly, it is possible to create shareware applications without using a programming language that connects additional functions after payment.

Thirdly, you can create a virtual library and manage the content distributed through the application. Fourth, the service offers design tools that allow you to design an application in a given style – for example, in a recognizable style of the brand for which it is created.

The service allows mobile app design companies to quickly update applications already uploaded to the online store, making an unlimited number of necessary changes to them. The cost of using the service depends on the required functionality and varies from $99 to $299 per year.

Good Barber

This platform is convenient for those mobile app design companies who do not have any programming skills. Good Barber allows you to create an application without writing a single line of code and without knowing the principles of visual interface design. Even beginners will find it easy to create their first app with Good Barber.

There are about a dozen ready-made design schemes (templates) that you can remake in your way and several hundred ready-made icons, pictograms, and Google Fonts. The developer will only have to customize the appearance of their application manually. And ready-made plugins will add the necessary functionality to it.

Good Barber allows you to create apps for iOS and Android. The cost of using this tool depends on the developer’s needs and ranges from $22 to $44 per month.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie allows you to create applications for all major platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS and BlackBerry, including Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. This is a cloud service. To use it, you do not have to download and install anything. All applications are created very simply: the developer uses the visual designer to create interface pages and establishes the necessary links between them.

The most important feature of Appy Pie is that the result is a universal HTML5-based application that will work immediately on all the platforms mentioned above. You can add push notifications to users, advertising modules, news feeds, audio and video materials, QR code recognition and GPS tracking of the user’s location in the application.

The basic functionality of the service is free, and using the premium version will cost $33 per month.

Sencha Touch

This is a professional framework for creating mobile applications based on HTML5 technology. Sencha Touch is one of the few tools that allows you to create very large and complex multifunctional programs that will work equally well on Android, Windows Phone, iOS and

BlackBerry and other operating systems. Extremely wide features designed for an experienced developer distinguish Sencha Touch from other products in this review. If the user is not a professional programmer, then it will not be easy for him to understand this system. However, he will be able to contact the technical support service, and Sencha Touch specialists will help resolve difficult issues.

A significant disadvantage of Sencha Touch is its high price. The license for permanent use of the cheapest version costs $695, and the most expensive is $18,895.


This is an easy-to-learn and fully functional platform for the developer of mobile applications for iOS and Android. Creating them by simply dragging and dropping the necessary objects with popular functions into the required field is proposed.

With AppMachine, it’s easy to create applications for content distribution, especially useful for journalists and news site owners. Ready-made means of communication with online stores and social networks are provided. In particular, you can make an application integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

AppMachine has a convenient, well-thought-out feature for pre-testing an application during development. A partially finished application can be installed on your smartphone or tablet and tested in real work. As soon as the application is completely ready, it can be published on Google Play or submitted for approval to the App Store moderators – this is done very simply, in just a few seconds.

AppMachine is charged once. Developers are offered several versions with different features, priced from $499 to $1299.


This service, like many others, allows you to create applications for iOS and Android in a visual designer – by dragging and dropping standard elements that have a given functionality. Thanks to this, any beginner can take up the matter. The process of creating new mobile applications takes place right in the browser.

MobileNation is especially useful for those who will not make money on the development of mobile applications but want to use them primarily for presentation purposes. For example, a restaurant can make its menu with photos – that’s all the interactivity. But even a person who is far from the computer sphere can figure out how to do this.

The main drawback of the service is that it is focused primarily on creating programs with the simplest functions. And the main advantage is cheapness. The basic account is free while adding advanced features will cost $49 per month.

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