October 6, 2022
Are you looking for the perfect java programming books to get a better understanding and advance your java skills? Take a look at the list. Happy reading!

Books are the first mode of learning anything and gaining expertise in the field. Combine them with tutorials, articles & videos, and you get an excellent recipe for mastering Java.

As per the TIOBE Index, Java is considered one of the top three programming languages. Whether you are on the beginner level or want to get an advanced level, you will find plenty of resources to improve your Java knowledge. Free courses on Coursera, Udemy and other websites are indeed useful for learning java programming faster. However, I believe books are still an important part of your learning process as it provides the most in-depth knowledge on the subject matter. Whenever students are assigned a java programming assignment, the first question they have in mind is, “Which book should I refer to while preparing Java assignments?”

Continue reading the blog to find the best Java books for both beginners and experienced developers. The books I suggested below cover various areas, including the Java collection framework, core Java fundamentals, JVM internals, multi-threading a concurrency, performance tuning and design patterns, etc. Reading these will surely get Java programming assignment help.

Modern Java in Action

I feel Modern Java in Action by Mario Fusco, Raoul-Gabriel Urma, and Alan Mycroft is one of the must-read books for all Java programmers. Besides being an up-to-date book covering changes in java 8, 9. 10 and 11, it also shows how you should write modern-day Java codes. This is a revised edition of Manning’s best-seller Java 8 in Action that mostly focuses on how to code in Java 8 using new features like options, lambdas, stream and other interesting changes.

The book also contains recent changes in recent Java versions and also includes new library features for supporting reactive programming. Thus, reading this book will help you write codes that are easier to read and maintain.

Java: A Beginner’s Guide

This book by Herbert Schildt includes all the fundamentals of Java, tests and puzzles to test your knowledge. You will find several Q&A’s from professional Java programmers who share great insights related to issues that beginners face. The best part is it’s written in a crisp and clear language.

Head First Java

Head First Java covers the essential Java programming knowledge about object, class, collection, thread and language features, like Enums, Generics, variable arguments or auto-boxing I found their head-first way of explanation to be quite phenomenal.

You will also find some advanced sections on networking, Swing and Java IO, thus making it a complete package for Java beginners. This should be your first Java book to look at if you are starting from scratch.

Java Concurrency in Practice

If you are looking for the best java book on concurrency and multi-threading, this one is a must-read, especially for core Java developers. You will find well-detailed information, and it captures minor details of concurrency and multi-threading. Moreover, this book focuses on issues of concurrency like starvation, deadlock, race conditions, thread-safety and even shows ways to solve them using Java concurrency classes.

Without any doubt, this is a spectacular resource for learning as well as mastering Java concurrency packages and classes like CyclicBarrier, CountDownLatch, Semaphore or BlockingQueue.

Further, you will also find good explanations of what is wrong, its reason, and how you can make it right. If I think from a beginner’s perspective, the content may be advanced, but it is surely a must-read for experienced java programmers

Effective Java

Joshua Block, the author, contributes to the Java Concurrency package and Java collection framework with this brilliant book. This book is recommended for experienced programmers who are well versed in Java programming. You will get plenty of opportunities to follow some of the best programming practices.

It consists of a collection of Java programming best practices ranging from serialization, equals, static factories and hashcode to varangs, generics, reflection and enums. The book covers almost every aspect of Java in a slightly different way. You can check out its new edition that introduced features in the JDK 7, 8, and 9. You will also find a full chapter on lambdas.

Optimizing Java

This is another great book that teaches you about JVM internals, JVM, tuning, garbage collection, profiling, etc. I will recommend this book to every senior java developer, and also, this is one of my favourites. This book will prove to be a great programming help for you.

This book is all about profiling, performance monitoring and tools used with Java performance monitoring.

Java Puzzles

Java Puzzles is yet another book worth reading from Joshua Bloch. The book mostly covers corner cases and pitfalls in the Java programming language. The book will free you from deallocation and error-prone memory allocation. However, Java still has corner-cases that may surprise even the experienced Java programmer.

You will find such Java pitfalls in this book which will be explained in greater detail. If you are someone who loves solving puzzles, this is the best book for you. If you ask me to rate this book, it might not be as high as Java Concurrency in Practice and effective Java, but it will definitely help you check your knowledge about Java and its corner cases. It will further help you answer some of the trickiest Java questions from interviews.


Mastering java programming will never be easy, but reading these books will be a great resource for you, and it will add valuable experience to you. Writing Java code requires robust knowledge of OOP principles. Reading the books in the list can help you refine your understanding and knowledge of Java programming.

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